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Remember what “God has for me is for ME”!!! He knows your struggle and your pain!!! Life is nothing put a play without a rehersal!!!  Also if you don’t get what u want or you have been praying and it seems like your prayers aren’t answered it may not be your season!! Every person has a season a time of good!! You shouldnt worry about what the next person has cause your season my be next!! Too many people worry about the next person instead of what they have!! We all have something!!! weather it’s your kids your family etc!!! Take great joy in what you have and your season will come!!!
Live by this!!! Sometimes you have to dare to be different and think outside the box. Don’t go with what society tell you!!! πŸ‘ πŸ‘stop conforming to   someone else’s rule of what is considered normal!!!  “YOU BE YOU”


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Im not really a fan of Reebok but I really like these!! If you look in my closet I’m a BIG Nike fan!!! But I couldn’t leave these in the store!!!  Reebok Kamikaze 2 “Nocturnal” #shopaholic  #kotd #sneakerlover #reebok #kamikaze2 #newkicks
#selfie 😎😎 😎  waiting for my class to start!!! #teampsyc  #teamul
But for me to write this paper and be DONE and to take a break and come back and the WHOLE is erased!!!!!!!! Like I’m done !!! 😒😒😒😀😀😀😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 like I’m mad AF tho!!! #youhavetobejoking #teamul #teampsyc
Man I got my people with me!!! Always fun when we link up!! Never a dull moment!!! @girlychickxoxo_  @_kissmyglamm  and my cuz RJ!! #familytiltheend #phunkyourbestfriends
Me and my cuzins love these chics 😍😍😍 #familytiltheend